2-Pack: Tangle-Free Rapid Speed Cable 9-Foot Jump Rope


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These Tangle-Free Rapid Speed Cable Jump Ropes With Ball Bearings are suitable for fitness training, boxing, aerobics, and MMA. The 9′ rope can be adjusted according to your height and preferences, and the ball bearings increase the speed of the rope, providing a quiet, and effective workout.

  • 2-Pack
  • Embedded with thickened PVC material outside the wire rope, extending service life, and reducing cracks and breaks
  • Handle is made of new PP granule plastic material
  • Handle is made of EVA sponge, which can absorb sweat, prevent odor and moisture, and is comfortable to hold
  • The dust-proof bearing design allows you to enjoy 360 degrees of low noise rotation, and smooth swing without winding the jump rope
  • Personalized jump rope length adjustment design makes it easy for you to adjust freely according to your height
  • Suitable for adults and children.
  • Professional ball bearing system avoids the twisting or bending like other jumping ropes


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