24-Piece: Makeup Brushes Set


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This 24 piece cosmetic brush set which includes all the basics you need for daily applications is perfect for the professional or just to use at home. Ensure everyone can become a masterful makeup artist by providing all of the possible beauty tools. The 24 pieces brush set magnificently caresses the face simultaneously creating a flawless finish to any look. Graceful, sumptuous and refined, this collection would make an incredible addition to any beauty addict’s dressing table. Each brush is made with high-quality materials and individually selected for each set. It includes a nice carrying bag to store every brush to prevent loss and keep everything in pristine condition. And the bag rolls up neatly for travel or storage.

  • Versatile Brush Set :Allows for various types of cosmetic including foundation, blush, blending, shading, highlighting and more. Meeting all your needs with different shapes face brushes.
  • Soft and Silky to Touch: Made with soft Cruelty-Free Synthetic and Dense synthetic fibers bristles no skin hurting, Works great on eye shadow, eyebrows, lips and without irritating your skin, to provide a high definition finish with liquid, powders or cream foundation without any absorption of product and no shedding.
  • Essential Makeup Brush Set: Optimal for makeup lovers from professional to amateur level. Essential brushes are perfect for liquids, powders, or creams to produce a beautiful face and eye makeup application.
  • Portable Case Easy to Carry: The portable case bag design, make the makeup brush set accompany with you from home to travel.
  • Best Gift for Women: Brush set are designed for makeup artists and also for amateurs. Perfect for daily use, artistic performance, costume party, and cosplay.
6 Steps To Clean Makeup Brushes:
  • Run the bristles under lukewarm water. Don’t use hot water, as the heat may damage the bristles.
  • Pour some baby shampoo to the water. Add 1 teaspoon of baby shampoo into the cup and still gently to combine. If you do not have baby shampoo, use liquid Castile soap instead.
  • Dip the brush into the mixture and swirl. Only the bottom half of your brushes’ bristles should be swirled in the mixture to avoid water traveling up the handle.
  • Rinse the bristles under lukewarm water.
  • Pat the bristles dry, then reshape them.
  • Let the brush air dry, then fluff it with your fingers.
  • 1 x 24 Pcs Makeup Brushes Set
  • 1 x Carrying Bag


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