3-Pack: Mask Extender


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Ear strap extenders can help you keep the mask tight. It can reduce ear discomfort and pain during work and exercise. After wearing the mask, pull one of the mask straps to hook the extender accessory, and then finish the other side. The length of the adjustable mask strap extender can be adjusted freely to relax or tighten.

  • 3-Pack
  • Elastic fabric, two mask headbands, suitable for people who wear masks for a long time to relieve ear discomfort.
  • Put the ear strap on your head, and then adjust the fixer at the back.
  • Helps ensure a good seal around the nose and mouth.
  • Face mask ear hooks, comfortable design, suitable for all kinds of masks or two-point connection masks.
  • Compatible with most ear-hook masks on the market.


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