3-Pack: Vera Wang Embrace Body Mist


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A collection of fragrances that evokes the intimacy and emotion of Vera Wang. Differentiated by color each variant tells its own ingredient story. Marigold & Gardenia is the new glowing peach-hued variant in the Vera Wang Embrace Collection. It is delicate and charming with youthful innocence. It’s quiet, but overflowing with warmth and intimacy, like the early morning light of spring or summer. This is a fragrance for a dreamy, reflective woman who cherishes her quiet time. It’s poetic and gentle but deep with meaning. The scent is a fruity floral oriental top notes: of melon, mango, and cardamom middle notes: of gardenia, marigold, and orange blossom base notes: of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musks.

  • Modern, confident and sophisticated smell.
  • A timeless gift.
  • Duplicates possible.


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