6-Pairs: Ultra V-Striped Knee-Length Compression Socks


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Relieve sore muscles and improve blood circulation with these 6-Pairs compression socks. Athletes can maximize their output by slipping on these must-have socks and sufferers of sore muscles will reap instant relief pulling these babies up. These anti-bacterial compression socks support blood circulation and work to reduce swelling and leg fatigue. Time to step up your game on or off the court, field, or road. 

  • Knee-length socks for men and women
  • Circulation support to fight swelling and fatigue.
  • Improve venous blood flow. Stimulates blood flow.
  • Quickly-drying.
  • Features anti-microbial properties to eliminate bad odors and fungal infections.
  • Prevent varicose veins.
  • Stimulates oxygen delivery to muscles.
  • Prevents lactic acid production and cramping.
  • Keeps your feet dry and minimizes blisters.
  • Provides for a full range of motion and joint flexibility.
  • Infused with copper for added compression.
  • Prevents recurrence of thrombosis of lymphedema after surgery.
  • Antibacterial properties to promote foot health.
  • Protect your legs from small scratches.
  • Compression level: 15-20mmHg
  • Material: 94% Polyester, 3% Spandex and 3% Other Fibers
Care Instructions:
  • Turn inside out before washing
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
Sizing Guide:
Men’s Size:
Size Shoe Size Calf Size
S/M 6-9 9″-15″
L/XL 9-12 14″-19″
Women’s Size:
Size Shoe Size Calf Size
S/M 5-10 9″-15″
L/XL 10-12 14″-19″


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