9-Pack: Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ties


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You can’t tame your lion’s mane? Does your hairstyle struggle to keep up with your strength and stamina during your workout? Your hair tie has little grip in your thick hair? The new invisibobble POWER is the answer for everyone with voluminous hair or an active lifestyle who wants an extra strong hold in their everyday life or during sports.


  • Invisibobble power hair tie with an intensified spiral shape for extra strong grip
  • Hair ring especially designed for voluminous hair, sports and other activities
  • The hair ring can be easily removed from the hair thanks to the smooth surface (artificial resin), no tangles
  • Hair caring hair tie with great wearing comfort, water-repellent, non-soaking and compatible with all hair types
  • Each order includes 3 sets of 3, for a total of 9 hair ties


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