Clear Double Sided Fashion Beauty Tape for Clothing and Body


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If you want to ensure that all your outfits will stay securely in place all day or all night long, the only thing you have to do is to use some double sided tape on your skin or clothes and let it work its wonders while enjoying your time with the utmost peace of mind.

  • 75 Strips
  • Strong adhesive for all skin tones
  • Keeps clothing In place – Our unique double sided sticky design keeps you completely comfortable all day long , no more awkward adjusting
  • Quick fix fabric tape – When your on the go There‚Äôs no Need To Worry , Our strong adhesive gives your clothes great fit every time
  • Non Skin Irritant – No Rash , No Residue , Wipes off clean without leaving un wanted marks
  • Safe to use – This brand was designed not to ruin your silky and delicate fabric our tried and true adhesive will give you peace of mind
  • Perfect for bra & shoulder straps, off-shoulder tops, deep V-neck tops, strapless dresses and tops, socks & stockings, quick hems, boob tape, fastening a button gap.


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