Elephant Rock Vibrating Foam Roller w/ 3 Speed High Intensity


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Our Electric Foam Roller was designed for the every day hard charging athlete. Specifically, Distance Runners, Cross Country Runners, Road Racers, Mid Distance Athletes, Sprinters and Triathletes have the most to gain by regularly using this product. As the wear and tear and the mileage to the body adds up, our Roller offers comfort post workout. In addition, using the roller before a heavy workout is recommended.

  • Our electric foam roller comes with a carrying bag so that you can take it wherever your workout may take you. The battery life is over 3 hours and it is easy to plug in to recharge.
  • Our electric massage foam roller comes with 3 different vibrating speeds. I personally like the 3rd speed which is the most powerful and aides in my recovery.
  • Most if not all Physical Therapists and Sports Trainers agree that foam rollers are great for: aiding recovery, reducing pain, improving mobility and reducing the chances of a sports related injury.


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