Ezhula Premium Fitness Exercise Chair


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Who said sitting has to be sedentary? You do not have to be a couch potato even if you’re working or studying for long hours every single day. All you need is a premium chair that will discreetly challenge your core stability and balance while providing you with tons of fun along the way!

  • The EZ hula chair is a two in one chair that allows you to have fun and do exercise at the same time, you can also use it as a regular swivel chair.
  • Helps increase your blood flow – improve your flexibility, balance and your coordination.
  • Great way to relieve stress and lose weight while working in your office or watching TV at home.
  • Promotes non-sedentary sitting.
  • Engages your entire musculature even if you’re just sitting still.
  • Premium padded seat & metal base.
  • Motion lock/unlock switch.
  • For home, office or gym use.


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