Insta Heat Therapeutic Neck and Body Wrap


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The Insta Heat Neck and Body Wrap provides Therapeutic moist heat and is designed for treatment of neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee and back pain. Body Wrap can offer both hot and cold therapy with a flexible, form-fitting design. Soft touch material and an adjustable strap, which can be secured in various positions on the body, ensure complete comfort and mobility. A natural alternative or compliment to over the counter drug treatments.


  • Provides Hot & Cold Therapy
  • Flexible Form Fitting Design. Reusable
  • Soft Touch Fabric for Comfort
  • Targeted Relief for Neck, Shoulder & Knee & Back Pain
  • Easy & Safe, Use as Directed
  • Activating Hot: Heat in microwave 1 1/2 minutes.
  • If additional warmth is desired, continue microwaving in 20 second intervals — not to exceed 2 1/2 minutes total heating time per use.
  • Microwave heating times vary. Always test for hot spots and overall temperature before using.
  • Cold Pack: Place in a plastic bag and place in freezer overnight.


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