LCD Display Professional Muscle Deep Massage Gun


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Using our handheld massage gun has multiple benefits for your body, especially if you constantly have tension in your neck and back.For those who work out on a regular basis, the massage gun is a necessity for pre-workout warm up and post-workout recovery.

  • New-Generation Noise Reduction Technology
  • 12V brushless DC motor and double bearing transmission brings a high power and low noise experience.
  • 20 Gears of Speed Shifting
  • 20-speed shifting design meets a variety of massage needs.
  • 3 Hrs Battery Life+ 3 hrs battery charge time
  • 12V 4000mAh Power Li-ion Battery, 8 hrs of continuous use in the middle gear.
  • Four Massage Heads
  • Four customized soft massage heads, provides a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage.
  • Massager Size: 215*70*175 cm
  • Charging voltage: 100-240
  • 20 Speeds: 1200 to 3900 percussions per minute
  • Effectively relieves tight muscles, soreness, and stiff backs. Perfect for breaking up the knots in muscles and muscle recovery after a workout, shortens muscle recovery time, and effectively treats muscle groups.
  • Well built high quality machine with 20 adjustable speeds and a very powerful percussion vibration giving you 500-2800 strokes per minute.
  • Equipped with 4 massage heads to more accurately locate different body parts, ideal for massaging muscles, waist, back, buttocks, thighs , calves and other large muscle groups.
  • Professional deep tissue massager has brush-less motor and super quiet glide noise reduction technology, which does not disturb people and brings you high power but low noise pleasant experience. Just like your life, beautiful and exquisite.
  • Lightweight & Carry Case: Ergonomic silicone handle is better for gripping, comes with carring case is easy to take with you on the go.


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