Non-Contact Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer K3


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As the government advocates the social distance, our non-contact digital thermometer can distinguish those people who are under high body temperature from the distance of 10 cm, non-contact, and you don´t need people to do the job!

  • One second measurements accurate within .18 °F (or .1 °C).
  • Clear digital LED screen reads temperatures to the user.
  • Great for fast readouts in a high-traffic business or workplace.
  • Device uses a 18650 Li battery (not included) and can be recharged with the included micro USB cable.
  • Avoid cross-infection between multiple people during testing.
  • If the temperature exceeds normal limits the non-contact digital thermometer will display a red light and make a sound that will let you know that your employee has a fever.
  • Built-in an advanced infrared sensor chip, and with a tested 10,000 operating life.
  • Suitable for families, hotels, libraries, enterprises and institutions, schools, customs, railway and bus stations, airports, etc, and also can be used in hospitals for screen function.


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