Safety Razor Double Edge Oyzmandias Razor Handle


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Premium high-end heavy duty Ozymandias Razor by Wellness Zinc Alloy material. Brilliant chrome electroplated finish provides a noble and elegant look. Traditional razor head offers old school and retro feel. Compare to electric shavers, manual razors make beard shaving perfectly clean. The remaining beard is easy to clean on razor head, give you more hygiene and health. Manual razors are not only shaving tools, but also wonderful artworks for you. No more cuts: Microcomb’s system design provides an excellent close shave experience and extra safety. To get a close or aggressive shave, just try to adjust the angle.


  • Super Luxurious chrome electroplated safety razor, heavy duty handle that carries weight.
  • Platinum Blades – everything you need to start, and its classic look with be the envy of all your friends.
  • Traditional razor head for hefty heavy duty old school feel with cut-minimising system.
  • High-end Zinc Alloy material with chrome finish to made of, looks noble and elegant.
  • Comes with 1 Safety Razor Handle, 5 Super Stainless High Quality Razor Blade, Razor case and packed in a box.


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