Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge


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We present to you the greatest invention since sliced bread: Your very own Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge. Its light, portable and so beautiful that you may want one for every room! Your Saranghae skincare products do not need to be cooled to keep fresh but when applied within the perfect temperature range of (41F to 46F), your skincare will better control inflammation, puffiness and feel like heaven on your skin.

  • Keeps your skincare cool at perfect temperature (41F to 46F)
  • Made specifically for your Saranghae skincare routine
  • Beautifully designed to perfectly match your decor
  • So portable and light you can take it to the moon
  • Cold therapy is also known as cryotherapy. It works by controlling blood flow to a particular area which significantly reduces inflammation and swelling. That’s why the first thing you do when you’re injured is to apply cold. Same concept applies to skincare. By applying your Saranghae skincare routine within the optimal temperature range of (41F to 46F), the reduction in inflammation and puffiness are greatly enhanced. Besides that, it just feels great!
  • Cools to: 43F (6C)
  • Size: 10 × 7 × 10
  • Weight: 4 lbs (5L)
  • Car Charger & Power Supply included


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