SoleCore Smart Fitness Equipment 6-in-1 Ab Sculpting System


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The SoleCore Smart is a fitness breakthrough that will put you on your way to a stronger core and shredded abs. Whether you are looking to strengthen for a sport or tone for bikini season, this item is sure to impress.

  • The SoleCore Smart exercise system is designed to provide a laser focus on your upper, middle and lower abs and oblique muscles for a well-rounded workout you will feel all over. It is a fitness accessory that no household should be without.
  • Muscle & Cardio: Provides total body muscle toning and cardio in one compact system
  • Target: Allows you to target a variety of muscle groups, including your upper, middle and lower abs and obliques, thighs, glutes, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps
  • Portable and Adjustable: Compact & portable. Adjustable dual resistance!
  • Assembled: Comes fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about it!
  • Design: The SoleCore Smart is the revolutionary new fitness breakthrough. Designed to target your entire core.


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