Unisex Gel Shoe Insoles


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The ventilation holes keep your feet dry and fresh all day so they are suitable for all occasions.

  • Size: 28 x 9 cm /11 x 3.5 inch (L x W) per piece
  • Trim: front-end can cut to fit the sizes (250-285 mm)
  • Ultra-thin insoles give you comfortable support and shock absorbing design ensure all-day comfort.
  • Gel flows and moves to the exact shape of the foot to displace pressure and weight equally .
  • Fit in size US7-12 (for men) and US4-10 (for women). Easy-to-follow trimming lines allow the insoles to be freely cut to fit your feet comfortably and snugly.
  • Applicable to all kinds of sports shoes, including hiking shoes and work shoes.


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