Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer Intelligent Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor


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This product is an intelligent electronic blood pressure monitor for professional measurement and functions of memory reading, blood pressure warning and automatic shutdown, useful tool to check and track your healthy condition.

  • Display mode: liquid crystal display screen
  • Measuring mode: demosurization type oscillometric method for measurement
  • Power supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries(3V)
  • Measuring way: oscillography
  • Measurement range: 20-280mmHg/2.7-37kPa(b-lood pressure)40-160times/min(pulse rate)
  • Accuracy: +-3mmHg/+-0.4kpa(b-lood presssure), +-5%(pulse rate)
  • Result display: high pressure/low pressure/ pulse
  • Unit conversion: conversion of b-lood pressure value unit mmHg/KPa(default unit when start is mmHg)
  • Number of memory groups: Double 99 memory groups
  • Overpressure protective function: automatically releases air when air pressure exceeds 298mmHg(20MS)
  • Automatic shutdown function: automatically shut down in one minute when there is no operation


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